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Fruehauf Aggri-Roll TTS MKII

The Fruehauf Aggri-Roll TTS MKII is part of the latest range of innovative products from Fruehauf, allowing for a safer delivery of payloads, a discharge time of two minutes and a belt rated to 250 degrees celsius. Without needing to tip the Aggri-Roll trailer can deliver loads safely in areas with overhead cables, and can cut down on preparation work and provide a more efficient start to a job.The trailer is suitable for carrying aggregates, sand and stone.


  • Discharges in two minutes

  • Belt system rated to 250 degrees celsius 

  • Suitable for aggregates, sand and stone

  • Hardox construction

  • Non-tippingPerformance chassis

  • One remote to operate the sheet, under-run, rear door and conveyor floor system.