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Halfpipe Aluminium Aggregate Tipper
The Fruehauf Performance Chassis Halfpipe is the lightest tipper in the range. The Performance Chassis Halfpipe combines payload and productivity with superb durability and stability.

The body is a fully welded, 3-piece, pressed halfpipe construction with an immensely strong 340mm deep extruded top rail, 180mm deep bottom runners and a reinforced rear end frame with Fruehauf’s patented body to chassis connection.

A front access combined ladder and walkway is available as an option. The Halfpipe body’s clean lines are ideal for branding and combine fast discharge with easy cleaning.
Fruehauf Performance straight frame
 Aluminium half-pipe
 38-48 cu yrd
Two pack primer and top coat
Paint schemes
Full, single or multi coloured available
4mm tailgate with simple top hinge and air operated lock
Full range of body sheets available
8mm high-strength, wear-resistant aluminium floor
Onboard weigher
 Weighing system fitted as an option
Surpasses I.R.T.E. class 'A' (7 degree) stability test
Type approval
European whole vehicle type approval