Steel Bulker

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Steel Bulker

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The Fruehauf performance bulk steel tipper is designed for the toughest of challenges the scrap industry can throw at it.

The body is fully manufactured in Hardox 450 with automatic doors and electric flip sheets are fitted as standard.

For additional health and safety, various body designs, metal thickness and capacity are available.

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Chassis : Fruehauf Performance
Body : 450 Hardox (4mm wall/bulkhead/tailgate, 6mm floor)
Capacity : Various capacities available 60-85 cu yd
Paint : Two pack primer and top coat
Paint schemes : Full single or multi-coloured
Tailgate : Various rear door configurations and locking arrangements available
Sheet : Full range of body sheets available
Floor : High-strength, wear-resistant steel floor
Onboard weigher : Options available
Stability : Surpasses I.R.T.E Class A (7 degree) stability test
Type approval : European whole vehicle type approval

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