Moving Floor

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Moving Floor

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Fruehauf Moving Floor trailers are manufactured from 30mm alloy plank and have a choice of floor specifications, sheet options, and sizes, 40 to 130-yard cubic capacity available, to suit all applications.

From waste, sand, aggregate and tar. All floor options available, either Keith or Cargo, including the new Keith v8 floor.

Hydraulic, Manual and Barn Door options available. All sheet options available from sliding cover, side to side, full electric, gull wing, and nets. Legendary excellence, Legendary residual values. Guaranteed 8 weeks turn around.

Fruehauf Moving Floor trailers give maximum strength, durability, payload and residual values that are renowned with the Fruehauf brand.

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Chassis : Fruehauf bogie / Full chassis
Body : Aluminium plank sided (full range available)
Capacity : Various capacities available 60-135 cu yd
Paint : Two pack primer and top coat
Paint schemes : Full, single or multi coloured available
Tailgate : Interlocking barn doors / hydraulic lifting
Sheet : Full range of body sheets available
Floor : Cargo / Keith floor
Onboard weigher : Fruehauf or P.M weighing system optional
Type approval : European whole vehicle type approval

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