Bathtub Aluminium Bulk Tipper

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Bathtub Aluminium Bulk Tipper

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With the famous Bathtub design Fruehauf revolutionised the UK tipper market’s payload/strength equation.
With the Performance Chassis Range Fruehauf have made another giant step in terms of product development.
The body design which is the cornerstone of the industry remains unchanged – all of the best of Fruehauf with all of the best modern technology can bring.

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Chassis : Fruehauf Performance step frame
Capacity : Various capacities available 60-85 cu yd
Paint : Two pack primer and top coat
Paint schemes : Full, single or multi coloured available
Tailgate : Various rear door configurations available
Sheet : Full range of body sheets available
Floor : High strength wear resistant aluminium floor
Onboard weigher : High strength wear resistant aluminium floor
Stability : Surpasses I.R.T.E. class ‘A’ (7 degree) stability test
Type approval : European whole vehicle type approval

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