Multi Purpose

The Multi-Purpose utility vehicle has a One tonne column tail lift, Tow bar, 12 volt electrics, a Wander lead facility for the tail lift, Double aluminium drop sides (allowing for flatbed facility), Removable safety bars and Fire Extinguisher.

This particular body has been adapted to suit plant delivery, so there are aluminium ramps, which clip onto the rear and allows plant machinery to drive straight on.

The Multi-Purpose Utility vehicle Specification in brief – The chassis is an Isuzu N75 with a 3Litre 150 engine. The base floor is made of a hard wearing ‘wisa wire’ tough and durable material, ideal for heavy duty usage. It has a drop side utility with tail lift and a 18ft drop side body with side arrester bars. The Payload capacity, excluding the driver, is 3929kg.

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