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Meet the safest non-tipping delivery solution available.
Using our years of experience in the tipper market, Fruehauf are proud to introduce the Aggri-Roll range of non-tipping products. A revolutionary new design that allows for industry workers to deliver payloads safely and efficiently. This reduces work load and hours required as less setup time is needed prior to beginning a project.

Our Aggri-Roll range currently consists of three products, the 'Aggri-Roll WB TTS MK1', a smoothside aluminium constructed tri-axle trailer. The 'Aggri-Roll TTS MKII', a specially designed Hardox insulated body trailer, the shape and design help to allow the product to keep mixing and for an efficient delivery and finally the 'Aggri-Roll RTS MKIII' is the rigid variant, this follows the same design principles of a safe and efficient delivery solution, applied to a range of rigid chassis.
Aggri-Roll WB TTS MKI
  • Aggri-Roll WB TTS MKI
Aggri-Roll TTS MKII
  • Aggri-Roll TTS MKII
Aggri-Roll RTS MKIII
  • Aggri-Roll RTS MKIII