5 Year Warranty On 2024 Performance Plus Chassis

We are so confident of the quality of our Performance Plus chassis that we have extended our structural mainframe warrant.


A name you can trust, strong, robust design and build quality that has been market tested for decades.

KTL - Anti Corrosion Technology

This process creates an unbroken coating on the trailer chassis including internal cavities offering the highest corrosion protection.

Engineering Excellence

Market leading build quality, excellent longevity and superb residual resale value.

What our customers say...

Pearn Wyatt & SonsNorwich
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Owner Jonny Wyatt, who runs the company with his mother Anne, says the business has relied heavily on the tipping trailer manufacturer for so many years because its products are “exceptionally well-built, reliable and offer a high payload”.

“My father had Fruehauf tippers 50 years ago and we’ve always been happy with its trailers. They really stand the test of time,” he says. “In our business, we work them hard, so the fact we have several trailers on.
GH By ProductsLincoln
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Cliff Mear, Director of GH By Products, says: “When we made the decision to expand and update our trailer fleet, our first thought was to talk to Fruehauf. Its bathtub tippers are excellent trailers, they’re very well-built and do an excellent job of transporting the loads of animal waste we carry.

“We work closely with Fruehauf to ensure the tippers are built to the right specification to meet the needs of our business, which includes being easily...
GK Friend HaulageDover
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Matthew Friend, Managing Director of GK Friend Haulage, says he and his father Graham, who founded the company in 1978, are repeat Fruehauf customers for several reasons.

“The durability and performance of the trailers is second to none and the build quality is excellent. They’re more spacious than some of our other trailers, allowing us to increase the payload for bulkier products and improve the efficiency of the business,” he says.

“The payload capacity is a big advantage for our long-distance haulage work, while the thicker floors are ideal for transporting aggregates. In my view, the paint finish is also superior to any comparable product on the market.”